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Come Meet The People Of Stir-n-Up Hope

our team

Come Meet The People Of
Stir-n-Up Hope


Raven McCrady

Executive Director

Raven has been with Stir-n-Up Hope since July, 2021. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kentucky Wesleyan College with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and a minor in psychology. She went on to further her education in the area of nonprofit administration. Raven and her husband have three earth-side children, a “micro-farm” in their backyard and a “micro zoo” in their house! Raven enjoys reading, baking, traveling, and teaching her children about the wonderful world God created. 

“It has been my professional dream to work in the nonprofit sector for as long as I can remember. God placing me at Stir-n-Up Hope when He did was one of the biggest blessings of my life! It is a joy using my background in community service to contribute to this fantastic team of Board Members, staff, and volunteers as we work to stir up hope in all those we encounter.”

Rachel Eliason

Program Director

Rachel joined Stir-n-Up Hope in 2023. She has worked in veterinary medicine for the past 22 years. She worked in mixed practice for the last 12 years and participated in every equine case she could! She and her husband have three children and live on a small farm with three horses of their own.

“I have had a passion for horses since I was running around the barn at my father’s training facility as a tiny girl. After his passing, I held on to my passion and carried it through my veterinary nurse schooling, learning as much as I could about how horses work, with the goal of eventually working with them in a therapeutic environment.”

Mary Sampson

Instructor/ Equine Fitness and Training Coordinator

Mary joined Stir-n-Up Hope in 2003, soon after its beginning, as a volunteer and document creator! Shortly after, she became a PATH Intl. Instructor. She has since served in a number of roles, including Board President and Treasurer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in agriculture, specializing in horses, and a Master’s Degree in agriculture economics. 

Mary has loved horses since she was old enough to what a horse is. “Being part of Stir-n-Up Hope allows me to work with horses in a way that partners with the Lord as He uses our program to bless others.”

Becky Perkins

Instructor/ Volunteer Coordinator

Becky joined Stir-n-Up Hope in 2019 as a PATH Intl. Instructor. She and her husband have three sons and seven grandchildren as well as three horses, a miniature donkey, and two golden doodles.

Growing up, she was involved with Spencer County 4-H Horse and Pony Club as a leader for several years. “My love of horses began at a young age and has not diminished.”

Justin Mehling

Equine Care Coordinator

Justin joined Stir-n-Up Hope in 2022 after returning home to the southern Indiana area. He has worked professionally with horses since 2018. He has also worked with vulnerable, struggling individuals of all ages in many capacities. Kindness and gentleness shine through Justin’s interactions with people and horses. 

“I’ve always found peace with horses, gathering any pebble of experience available as I grew,”


Kelly Epperson


Kelly and her husband, Tommy, created Stir-n-Up Hope in 2002 when a neighbor’s daughter needed access to therapeutic riding services. Through prayer and the Eppersons’ desire to help those in need, Stir-n-Up Hope had its humble beginnings in their backyard with their family’s horses. Kelly was the Program Director until 2023.

Jerry Steckler


Felicia Seiler

Vice President

Walter Valiant


Adrienne Held


Heather Oxley

Board Member

Ali Treat

Board Member


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